Add a Game System

When you first log in to RUMBL, you will be brought to your Profile Management page, from here you can see your gaming record, edit your personal information, and add a new game.

Too add a game, simply click or tap "+ Add A Game System." Doing this will bring up a dropdown menu to pick the game you would like to be added to your profile.

Issue a Challenge

Clicking Player Search in the menu (the magnifying glass icon) brings you to a page to find potential opponents. You can pick any game you are registered for, and select the distance that you would like to search for potential opponents.

If you are interested in finding out more about that player, or wish to issue a challenge, click "View Full Profile."

Once on a player's profile page, you can see more details about them, and pick a game you would like to play against them. Click "issue challenge" to let them know that you're interested in a game.

After your issue your challenge, the player will be notified, and in their inbox will see your challenge under "New Challenges." From here, your opponent may view your profile, and choose to accept or decline your invitation to play.

Arranging a Game

After your opponent has accepted a challenge, it will appear in the "Active Challenges" section of your inbox.

To arrange a time and place to play your game, click "Chat." This will open a secure chat dialogue between you and your opponent, without the need to exchange personal details.

Recording Game Results

Once you have played your game, return to your inbox to submit the results. By clicking "Submit Results" you will be prompted with a window asking what the final game result was. If your opponent has submitted the game results first, instead this will say "Confirm Results."

Finally, after the game results have been submitted, the rankings on your profile will be updated, as will the leaderboards. We use a standard ELO (K=32) method to calculate your ranking. Players start off at 2.5 stars, and after playing many games, this will increase all the way up to 5-stars (if you're really good!).