Enrich your customer experience.

Custom on-boarding

Upon launch, partnered games will enjoy custom portals for their players to enter Rumbl. The on-boarding process will automatically sign the player up for the game the portal is built for. By doing this, you can guarantee your players trust in the product, encouraging them to use it and reach out to more players.


Finding new players in their area allows your players to reach out to a much larger gaming community. Soon, through our in-development recommendation engine, players will be encouraged to find new people to engage with. By growing your community, you ensure that your players never get burnt out, only playing against the same people.

Direct Notifications

Built to allow publishers to directly target players who use their products, giving you the power to immediately interact with your customers. Currently in development, when ready you will be able to use these notifications you can inform players of upcoming releases, store openings, events, and other newsworthy happenings.